Smarter Investments,
with One Click

Empowering capital allocators with Al insights to navigate alternative investments.

Unlock AI-Driven Insights

Our AI platform transforms complex information into clear, actionable investment data, empowering you to make confident decisions.

Transform Your Operations

Revolutionize how you manage alternative investments with automated insights, ensuring 99% financial data accuracy and significant time savings.

Optimize Your Investments

Automatically structure data from unstructured PDFs and Excel reports, ensuring accuracy and quick retrieval with our AI chat feature.

Why Choose Tetrix?

Automated Data Collection

Centralize fund reports automatically

AI-Powered Insights

Transform messy data into actionable investment insights

Risk Management

Effectively analyze and manage investment risks

Operational Efficiency

Automate tasks to save time and streamline operations

What's my ROI?

4,000+ Hours Saved
In processing quarterly reports
45 Days to 1 Day
Time to insights drastically reduced
99% Data Accuracy
Ensured by advanced AI agents
10X Deeper Insights
No data left behind

Build the Future of Alternative Investments with Us

"Tetrix will completely streamline our back office operations and give us unparalleled insights of our alternative fund holdings."
Large institutional investor managing $35B in AUM
"Tetrix' product is one step ahead of every other solution I have seen in this market."
Multi-billion endowment fund of a top-tier US University
"I couldn't be more impressed by the speed at which Tetrix has been developing its product and is addressing our pain points with alternative data management."
European-based global secondaries firm
"We were an early adopter of Tetrix' solution and we couldn't be more happy with the partnership. The team moves very quickly to address our product requests and drives big efficiency for our team in processing alternative fund reports."
Leading Canadian fund administrator